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Baby chicks

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by , 01-12-2010 at 07:50 AM (661 Views)
We'll DH, the kids and I had a nice little trip to Yankto SD to pick up some baby chicks Sunday. Some of the roads were good and some still packed with snow. I feel for those who still had their crops in the fields too! We ended up with 84 chicks and so far they are doing well. In a couple of weeks another family will come and get about 25-30 of them for their kids. I said we will grow them abit and this will help sort out the week ones. I think DD will take some of these on to the state fair this year. The man we got them from is a real sweetheart and his chickens have won at many places throughout the country. And he is real good on prices too, about the same as what you would pay at a hatchery or the feed store for the same birds, but his are way better. This is about the 5th year we have gotten chickens from him, they are so cute. This is the most we have ever gotten too, so ya they are beginning to smell, gues I will have to clean them twice a day to help with the smell.

DD is signed up to show her calf at the Sioux Empire farm show too at the end of this month, she needs to get busy and clean him up! He is caked with poo and dirt. It will come though.

Time to get the kids up for school.


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