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Beaker has a new mom

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by , 04-19-2010 at 07:57 AM (633 Views)
Again this winter the geese thought it was important to lay their eggs while the temps. were below freezing. So I gathered their eggs the best I could be for the weather got to them. I got alot! Put them in the incubators and only had 1 hatch, that was on April 1st. So I felt bad for the little guy and put hime with a goose that has been sitting on her nest with no luck either, it took her a day to really start liking him and later that night hediscovered how her warm body felt better then just staying outside her nest box. I put a barrier so neither one could walk away. Well a week later I finally let them outside of the building and all lte ganders wanted to claim this proud mama and her baby. Of course she only wanted her mate around them so now the 3 of them walk around the yard and it is the cuttest site!

Our browns have now turned to green yeah!!


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