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Babies and spring time

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by , 05-10-2010 at 08:15 AM (572 Views)
Well our kid's heifers are having babies, the geese even hatched some eggs out, there are baby ducks waddling around too, and found some baby kittens in the barn too, and lets not forget those rabbits some of those too.

I really like to watch the baby calves play with each other, the first ones born were twins, Alfalfa and Darla...then the hereford Rosie..the other hereford no name yet...and 1 due any time now and 1 next month.

The chickens are growing fast too, and a few dying for unknown reasons.

DD 15 got a job working as an activity aid at the thenursing home and will start any day now, need to get DS 14 his drivers permit so he can take drivers ed this year, he is in no hurry to drive though, so will see on that one and DS 12 still helps in the fields when he can and rides his dirt bike around.


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