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Life and times on a Iowa farm

Harvest time

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by , 09-30-2010 at 07:44 AM (1189 Views)
Well harvest is in full swing and things are going good. The asian beetles are horrible this year too! We rented a second combine so things should go faster out there and I won't have as many days taking meals out to the field.

Got rid of all the rabbits and about 125 chickens the other day, its kinda nice not having all those animals to worry about feeding and watering. DS got two more calves next year to show, and the others are now in your local supermarket. All the baby calves are doing good and growing big. In Jan. we will start having more new ones come, and in Iowa there could be several feet of snow on the ground, not good.

We'll off to plan the lunch menu and get the kids going.


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  1. Judi Dial's Avatar
    Sounds like you are one busy lady!

    I hope your harvest season is a success all around.

    Best --