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  1. Good day thrifting

    by , 08-30-2012 at 07:50 PM
    Since I have started back to school, I have decided to update my wardrobe. I stopped by a local church and they were having a clothes give-away. I cleaned up(I also donate back to this church and several organization with the clothes, purse, shoes, that I do not wear any more). 6 blouses, 4 pairs of pant, one jacket, a scarf, 6 tops, 3 skirts. On my way home, I stopped by another thrift shop and they were having a 25 cents sale. 3 pairs of pants, two blouses and 1 pair of shoes. I met ...
  2. "Holy Crap!" - My Trip To Walmart

    by , 01-19-2009 at 04:32 PM ([email protected]'s Blog)
    Iím pretty frugal and donít get my entertainment from hanging out in stores. Actually, I generally hate shopping except on the rare occasions when there is something I really want that Iím excited about. I can shop online for most stuff and save myself a lot of headache and time. Because I donít like shopping, I can go quite a while between visits to a store other than a grocery store. When I do go to a store, particularly a big box store, itís usually a bit of a shock but I quickly adjust to the ...
  3. I Want To Be A Frugalista!

    by , 01-11-2009 at 05:27 PM ([email protected]'s Blog)
    This past year has been all about changes, some good and a lot not so good. Weíve ridden the gas price roller coaster and held our breath to see the first African American President get elected. Some have cried over the bouncing stock market and some have jumped on board and bought cheap, hoping to sell high.

    The past year has forced us to expand our imaginations and stretch our pennies until they look like a train ran over them. It has also been a year filled with new technology, ...

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