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Christmas budget

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by , 12-19-2010 at 07:48 PM (613 Views)
Okay so the Christmas budget has already been blown but here is my attempt to keep track of it.

Christmas shopping list:

Kitchen $190 BOUGHT
Table and chairs $180 BOUGHT and saved $80
The rest of nephews presents $85 BOUGHT over by $10
Brain toys $50 BOUGHT over by $10
Play-dough thing and drawing stuff $70 BOUGHT, no drawing stuff as we have spare paper, saved $50
Books $25 BOUGHT over by $15
KK presents $150 BOUGHT, saved $40
Wrapping paper and cards $25 BOUGHT saved $10
Other family presents $135

Budget for presents $910/639.95

Need to spend another $200, so only $70.05 under budget.

For lunch:

Ham $30 BOUGHT over by $10
Pav and fruit $45
lollies and chips $15 BOUGHT over by $11
Nuts and cheese $20 Not buying to save money
Green salad $15
Pudding and custard $20
Table cloth, napkins, paper plates, knives and forks $30
Crackers $12 BOUGHT saved $4
Decorations $45 BOUGHT saved $8

Budget for Food etc $232/$110


Budget: $515/$519.95
Family presnts: $370/$160
Present misc: $25/$8

Food etc



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