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Getting back on the Wagon

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by , 05-20-2013 at 11:09 AM (4646 Views)
The last few months have been unusual even for us. There were several medical issues that had to be addressed that kicked our behinds financially and emotionally. The big kids now have a semester or year of college under their belts and everyone is getting ready to face the summer. Pixie is taking one class but Lou and Annie are taking the summer off. They will focus on work and Annie needs to get in her volunteer hours so she can apply for the vet tech program. Little Bear and Little Mouse will get an easier homeschool schedule for the summer. We will still focus on writing and reading. I have signed the little men up for swim lessons and I plan to have them try a few other activities.
Now that we are all healthy again I have the energy to focus on our homesteading and budget goals. I will have (forced) volunteer labor with the big kids having more down time this summer to really kick the repairs and improvements list down.
Little Bear seems to do better with his GI issues when he eats simpler, less processed foods. We have been experimenting with vegan cooking so that our grocery budget will stretch to include more local and organic items. The farmers markets are finally starting up so this helps a great deal. I have already dragged out my old vegetarian cook books and can't wait to share some old favorites we haven't had in years.

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