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Dam to Dam and Other Money Bits

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by , 03-11-2009 at 11:37 PM (2888 Views)
So I'd like to run the Dam to Dam race this year. It's 20K race in Des Moines and this is the first year that I don't already have something planned that weekend. The entry fee is $35.00, which is super cheap compared to what I'd pay in Chicago. I'm can swing the $35.00 entry fee, but I need to figure out how I'm getting to Des Moines. Given that I'd only be going back for a couple of days, I think it would be more efficient to fly. I checked out airfare and it's about $254 for a flight. I just need to see if I can scrounge up the $254.

My other financial hits and misses...

Hit: I declined a dinner invitation with friends this week since I didn't have enough money left in my fun money category. It was hard to decline and this is the first time I've said no. Normally, I would have gone and charged it to my credit card.

Miss: A couple of us made plans to go to another one of the chicagostyle.com parties (that's not the bad part). We went to one a couple of months ago and had a blast. The bad part is that I charged my ticket. I'll be taking money from my salon budget to pay for the ticket.

And finally, I have to fulfill one more development credit for the JLC. My options for fulfilling this are: 1) contribute $100 to the Annual Fund 2) buy an $85 ticket to Windy City Nights or 3) purchase a case of cookbooks for $180.00 to sell. I'll be choosing number 2 since it's cheaper than contributing $100 and I HATE peddling things. Plus for $85.00 I get to get dressed up and go out with some friends. And its an open bar so I don't have pay additional money for drinks.

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  1. madhen's Avatar
    A friend of mine just finished her lifetime goal of running a marathon in each of all 50 states by her 50th birthday. Sometimes, the value and reward can't be measured in money. Good luck with the marathon! (And with the training!!)
    Updated 03-12-2009 at 01:21 AM by madhen
  2. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Good luck with the race! You are one ambitious girl!
  3. damtodam's Avatar
    Your post came up as I was searching for Dam to Dam entries. I have been on the race committee for about 20 years and I think since this is our 30th year we should help you get to the race this year - May 30th. I will have your fee waived so you can apply it to your airfare or gas (its an easy 5 hour drive). Just go to our web site Damtodam.com and contact our administrator - let here no that Tom R waived my fee. We will enter you into the race. Check out the videos on our facebook - dam to dam or on youtube - search on "damtodamdesmoines".

    Good luck!