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Excuse Me, Where's the American Cheese?

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by , 10-06-2008 at 12:16 AM (1272 Views)
Up until now, I haven't been much of a grocery shopper. There are several reasons for this. One being I don't cook. Actually make that past tense...I didn't cook. I'm learning. Another reason is that I live next to a very small mom & pop grocery store that is EXTREMELY expensive and doesn't stock many items. The nearest chain grocery store is 10 blocks away. This is inconvenient if you don't own a car (which I don't).

This morning I hoofed it 10 blocks to the big grocery store. The walk there isn't bad, it's getting the groceries home that's not so much fun. Especially, since I have promised myself to not take any cabs. Luckily, the bus comes by every 15-20 minutes.

Shopping list in hand, I was ready to conquer. I only needed a few things: beef bouillon cubes, flour tortillas, baby carrots, ground beef, macaroni, American cheese and tomato sauce. With such a short list, one would think that I'd be in and out in 10 minutes. Not me. It took me over an hour. I found everything, except the cheese pretty quickly.

I stood in front of the cheese selection for a good 10 minutes looking for American cheese. I could only find the cheese slices and I couldn't figure out how many slices I would need to get the 2 cups my recipe called for. After several phone calls to my friends, I was told that American cheese is also known as Velveeta and is not found in the refrigerated section.

Okay, fine. I then proceeded to wander around the store for the next 45 minutes trying to find the Velveeta. At first, I was very methodical - I went aisle by aisle. I even checked the organic aisle, even though I was pretty sure that processed cheese that didn't require refrigeration wasn't going to be considered organic. When I exhausted all aisles, including paper goods and beauty, I just started wandering around. I was finally able to locate an employee who told me to check the baking aisle. Um, why would processed cheese be with the spices and flour? We eventually found it with the crackers (duh!). Anyway, I eventually made it home with my American cheese.

Here are a few other things I leaned today:
  1. Sunday mornings are a great time to go if you want meet a cute guy....they're all shopping for beer and snacks before the Bears game.
  2. 6 cups of cooked macaroni is not the same as 6 cups of raw macaroni. Six cups of raw macaroni makes ALOT when cooked. I literally have a stock pot full of cooked pasta.
  3. When you take a pan out of the oven and go back to push the rack in, use a pot holder. That rack is HOT! On the upside, if I were ever going to commit a crime now's the time to do it while I don't have any fingerprints. (Perhaps I watch too much CSI?)
  4. Velveeta is EXPENSIVE! I paid $5.00 for a small package. That is highway robbery.
  5. I'm going to be eating hamburger casserole until I retire.

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  1. itsme92399's Avatar
    Hi TinyDancer
    Up until now I had never responded to a question on the internet.
    I have been a cheese lover all my life and remember eating Velveeta cheese for most of my 65 years.
    The grocery clerk was wrong Velveeta is a cheese food as stated on the packaging. Great for casseroles, dips and my favorite grilled cheese sanwiches. Seal and refrigerate after opening otherwise it will darken and harden.
    Kraft American Cheese has an entirly different flavor with a slighly harder consistency and always found with refrigerated cheese.

    Years ago Kraft American could be purchased in blocks as just like Velveeta is today.
    If you slice American cheese the slices remain fairly easy to seperate for days but Velveeta slices tend to stick together and tear. Factory packaged presliced Velveeta is a newer product probably with an additive that prevents sticking.