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Thursday Check-In 1/22

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by , 01-22-2009 at 01:42 PM (835 Views)
I gained weight, I still am not reading much. Working out is not fitting in again.

I did get out my tin-whistle and harp and started doing those things of an evening. I'll work at keeping it up. (thanks to those who pointed out that this is NECESSARY)

I made laundry detergent. It seems to work pretty well, except for cold/delicate. Since I have no food processor or blender, the soap chunks are pretty big. I'd just as soon not mess around with a big batch of hot slime, so will work out something for those few loads of delicates. I also made my own dryer sheets with an old flannel shirt.

Managed not to be crabby with the kids, in spite of DH not getting home until after dinner is eaten and cleared away all this week. I've been on-duty without assistance for 14 hours every day. I know, there are women who do more with less but it's a question of what you are used to, and I've become used to that help during the witching hour. Every animal and kid is hungry, wild, and demanding. And in the kitchen. Sword fighting lately; they found cardboard and made an impressive assortment of swords, daggers, shields and spears. (NB: get more foil and tape, we seem to be out)

I've not cast blame where there is none to cast, but have pointed out to DH that this isn't going to work long-term. Neither of us has had any time off at all this month. He's in agreement.

I did research changing banks (bye-bye WF) and changing insurance companies. Still need to get quotes, but first we wanted to know if it was even feasible. It is. Likely it will save us money and sanity.

So. Grades. Humph. Brain tired...can't think. C for coasting, B for sticking to points system, D for self care (chips, queso, coffee...not the diet of champions). B for continuing the plan of attack on expense reduction. B for attitude: I had one truly awful day and some great people booted me back on track. OK, time to go prep for teacher phone call.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    I am sorry you are having a rough day. Yes, I can imagine it would be difficult 'doing it all' during the witching hour. I hope it is only a temporary thing that your DH can't be there at that time. Don't worry too much about gaining a bit of weight, stress does add weight on women (oh yay) and it will come off when you have more time. Keep your chin up girl! You are doing great!
  2. jestagrrrl's Avatar
    Yes yes yes, you time is very important, even if it is only ten minutes.

    Glad you talked to DH about your concerns, and hopefully with time things will start to even itself out.
    Great idea re: fabric sheets, i just used the sponge method and that is working good for me. yay for you!!!!
  3. UUMomof3's Avatar
    Thanks you two. Got my period today, such as it is, which explains a lot. Why I feel like my nerves are hanging out of my skin, why I want to eat deep fried bacon with extra salt and then sleep for 12 hours.

    Why I agreed to try highlighting 9yo DD's hair...