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by , 02-18-2009 at 04:21 PM (968 Views)
I've been away for awhile, so sorry to those whose blogs I try to read regularly. I didn't really GO anywhere, just been overwhelmed with life, the universe, and everything.

I'm back on the weight loss wagon, though mostly it means I'm starting completely over. While DH was putting in so much overtime something had to give. Like housewives everywhere, it's that commitment to myself that falls by the wayside.

YDD has now officially outgrown...just about everything. The pants that I swear fit her just last week are now capris with a bad case of plumber-butt. ODD could also use some pants. Monday was 50% off everything day at my favorite thrift. No parking anywhere, and I just couldn't take the crowds so we skipped off to my less favorite. 1 pair of pants for YDD, 2 for ODD. Tuesday was 25% off day at my fave, but no time during the day. Figuring nothing would be left there, I bit the bullet and went to Once Upon a Child. 12 pieces for $43, or about $3.50 each. I've done better price-wise at the thrifts, but rarely find so much in one trip. Everyone should now be good until short season.

ODD has a guitar recital coming up on Saturday. Goddess help me. Her first recital she had a 1/2size classical guitar, a red plaid holiday dress with black velvet peter pan color and sash. Now she's got a sky blue fender strat with glitter strap, lavender satin jeans, and spangled layered look tee-shirt. With asymmetrical hemline and ruching.

I'm so incredibly not ready to be the mother of a pre-teen, but clearly that's the direction we're moving.

OK, I'm off to try and learn some new music. Oh for the days when solos were based on performance merit rather than being the only one in the choir who can hit the high notes! But the only other soprano who could hit them moved to Seattle, so that's that.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Sounds like you got some really good deals on the girls clothes. Be ready! Pre-teens can be dangerous!