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by , 03-03-2009 at 01:59 PM (1689 Views)
The play was amazing. It was beyond theatre in the round, it was immersion theatre. The goal was "Shakespeare for the next generation" and it was billed for 13 and up. There were many many young teens there. The audience was on the stage, the action happened all around. The kids were sitting on the steps, sitting on Juliet's balconey. I cried at the end, barely held back sobs. The only thing wrong with it was that my ODD was 5 years too young!

In other areas, things are holding steady. There have been three deaths at church, older members including a founder whose death has made national news because Vern Gagne was involved. Alzheimers is truly terrible.

ODD has her testing tomorrow for LD. I find it ironic that no sooner did I schedule that, then she got moved up into third grade.

All the community garden plots are bespoke, so we'll have to do a garden in the yard if we do one. The rules about fences are what is holding me back on that; chicken wire isn't allowed because it's ugly.

The news about counterfeiters preying on Girl Scouts drives me batty. Figure a proof-pen costs between 3-5 dollars, that's 6-10 boxes of cookies we have to sell just to pay for the pen so we don't get ripped off. Am I suprised? No, not especially. Am I disgusted? Yes, absolutely.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Glad you had a great time at the play! Sounds wonderful. Spring seems to be the time for the elderly passing on. Too bad that you couldn't get a community garden plot, but if you can figure out the fence problem, having your own would be awesome!