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3/23/09 been gone awhile

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by , 03-23-2009 at 07:04 PM (1660 Views)
I've been away from the forums and blogs for awhile. Things are just ticking right along, getting used to a new curriculum for ODD and awaiting her test results, getting my GS trainings in, planning camp, and trying to keep up with the house.

We are going to have to seriously rennovate the back yard. The part that's fenced is where the dogs hang out, and between a neighbors tree shading it out for two years and the greyhound racing around like a maniac, it's a mud pit. Said tree was trimmed back last summer, so now we're pricing out seed mixes. I did look into hiring it done, but no way am I paying that!

We've given up on having peas or beans this year, the fencing is going to be too expensive if we want to meet city codes. So we will stick to 'maters, cucumber, and pumpkins.

The kids have all selected their sport. A family from church (and homeschooling, and GS) invited them to unicycle club. They loved it, even ODD. She's my "I'll never be able to do this, I quit" kid, but she just kept on trying and trying and trying. I guess if I compare the cost to what we are doing now (nothing) it's spendy, but compared to the other choices that are readily available this is almost cheap. Traveling soccer can cost upwards of $500 per person each season. And you'll pay that much for just the jacket in many horse disciplines. Sure, there ARE unicycles that cost that much but that's not an entry-level expense. We can make this happen for under $400 for the whole family, including parade uniforms.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    I am glad things are going well for you and your family. We missed you around here!