Soft Herbed Dinner Rolls
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    Default Soft Herbed Dinner Rolls

    Soft Herbed Dinner Rolls

    Recipe Description
    These are the best dinner rolls I have ever had. They took first prize in a bake-off, and I was even asked to teach how to make them in a class. I had one of my kids even aske me to make these instead of a cake for his birthday!
    Preparation Steps:
    This is a roll recipe I start in the bread machine to let mix and rise. After the rising is complete I "pinch" the dough into rolls and let rise on a cookie sheet. Your house will smell delicious while they bake.
    Level of Difficulty:
    Time Needed:
    10 min. prep
    1 C. warm water
    1 egg
    1 3/4 C. bread flour
    3/4 C. sugar
    1 t. salt
    2 T. margarine or butter
    2 1/4 t. yeast
    2 t. herbs of your choice

    additional butter and salt for brushing over baked rolls.
    16 - 20 rolls
    Follow your bread machine instructions but how I do it is:
    In the bread machine pan pour the warm water, add the egg to the water. Add the flour making a little well in the middle of it. To the well add the sugar, yeast (I use active dry that I buy in bulk), butter and herbs. You can use any herbs of your choice I love Rosemary, basil, garlic,dried minced onion. Really the sky is the limit! Set your machine to the dough feature. When your dough is mixed and gone through it's first rising. Pinch the dough into roll balls (greasing your hands makes this job easier!) and place them on a greased cookie sheet. Cover the dough rolls with a towel and let them rise until about double. Bake them in a 375 degree oven for 12-15 minutes. When the rolls are fresh out of the oven and still hot brush them with melted butter and then sprinkle the tops with a bit of salt (coarse salt is best but plain old table salt also works). Enjoy!

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    Hope this doesn't sound bad. Not my intention. When reading this, is it possible the flour is off? It would seem it should be more like 3 1/4 vs. 1 3/4. Just seems not enough flour with a cup of water and an egg.

    If it is indeed 1 3/4, my apologies. I'm just rambling outloud and wanted to clarify.

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    Sounds delicious! Could you substitute regular white flour instead of bread flour?

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