How does your child handle all the excitement of Christmas?
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    Question How does your child handle all the excitement of Christmas?

    Is it difficult for them during the Christmas season? Justin (autistic) does not like change and in fact doesn't do well at all when his routine is changed, so we try to keep Christmas as close as possible to his regular routine.

    But already I'm seeing a bit of struggle for him with our Christmas tree up and everyone talking about coming over.

    How do you handle the Christmas season with your child?

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    Cordel does pretty well with change, especially because he is has autism, but he loves to mess with the Christmas tree and we only go to parties for about 2 hours rather than the all day affairs that we used to have when I was a kid. I do that more for my grandparents because they really can not deal with his behavior. That is OK tho' because I can't deal with THEIR behavior either I have not been to an entire church service with him in 3 years, so we do not get to do the Christmas Eve Service which I always liked to attend. I just try to remain VERY flexable, just in case he is not!


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