bullying and getting sick at school?
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    Default bullying and getting sick at school?

    For the second time this week I have had to go pick DD up from school. She says she doesn't feel well. I get her home and she seems fine. I am thinking the bullying issue is worse then what she is letting on. So I have called and am going to the princapal, and her teacher again to talk about what is going on. Last week she was at school 20 mins and I got a call because she got hit in the head with a soccor ball. I am wondering now if that was truly an accedent. I am keeping her home tomorrow to see what happens. I know she gets pedatric migraines, and there is something going around the school, but because of the amount of bullying that has happend all ready this year I am starting to wonder if this is avodance from going to school or if she is really not feeling well. I am sick with pnemounia right now so I do know something is going around but still.
    I just don't know what to do anymore.

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    I would definitely talk to the teacher and the principal. Hope everything works out for the best.

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    I was one of those that was always finding an excuse to skip school. I was always some kind of sick. Part of it might have been bullying, but I just hated being at school for various reasons.

    She may be getting bullied but then again, she may have just found an easy way out of a place she doesn't enjoy being. I'd look into it and try to get her to talk about school, but don't freak out just yet. If you do talk to her, I wouldn't start right off the bat with "Is someone being mean to you?" I'd just ask general questions about how she likes school, who her friends are, what she does during recess etc. If she's getting bullied it will come out at some point.

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    Well something is obviously going on - I agree with Nishu's approach - a sort of sublte way to hook the truth out - and she may not know or be willing to share. Good luck and please take care of yourelf.

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