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    So I was thinking that as parents of children with disabilities whether they are physical, developmental, or mental health as parents we are often wrapped up in dealing with so much day to day stuff in helping our children. For me it is a constant refocusing and helping DD with her anxiety, behavior, violent outbursts, tears, and then there is the homework that she struggles with all the time. I feel we are often so caught up that sometimes we forget to stop and think what is so great about our kids.

    I was thinking about this on the walk to school with DD this morning that took twice as long as it should because she was stopping and saving all the earthworms. She said that mother earth would not be happy if we didn't stop to help something with a spirit in need. It made me smile that I didn't even care if we were late.
    She was also pointing out all the spring flowers.

    So it made me realize especially as a single mother with mental health issues myself that I don't stop to SEE these things.

    So hear is my list:
    DD is very compassionate she feels deeply for the Earth, animals and people.
    She is very observant of the world around her she will point out things that others would miss.
    She thinks about the environment often.
    She is funny
    She may have problems with reading, writing, and math but she can watch a documentary once and remember ever scientific detail and repeat it back to you even months later. Plus her vocabulary is very advanced.
    She try's very hard with things she struggles with.
    She is very affectionate.
    She is a loyal friend to a fault.
    When we pray at night to the God and Goddess she always includes family, friend, animals, earth, people she saw on the news.
    Every day I drop her off at school she gives me a hug and kiss and whispers in my ear to have a blessed day.

    What is your list?

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    Sounds like your DD could teach people a thing or two. You are truly blessed to have her in your life.

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    I have special needs grandsons. One has downs and he doesn't go a day without saying you're my grandma and I love you. He's 13 and I am blessed. I have an 8 year old who has autism. He doesn't like to be touched. Every time I see him, he gives me a kiss on the forehead and a hug, he is so smart. He can think of something in his head, put it down on paper then build it and have it work. I am so blessed.

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