Summer schedules????
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    Default Summer schedules????

    So it is ten days to summer vacation!!!! DD has two weeks of Summer School/Camp for reading. My ex agreed to drive her as there is no transportation to and from and I will pick her up by city bus. She will still have tutoring once a week and a little homework everyday. I am looking into some library programs, and as soon as the apartments pool opens swimming. So here is my question for a child with severe ADHD, LD and anxiety how would I go about making a schedule when after summer camp I am not sure what we would be doing? Do I let her sleep in and let her stay up a bit late. Do I just schedule the whole day with most of it outside if it is nice?
    The problem is and I know that most people just give the summers off as free time for there kids is that DD freaks out if she is not scheduled. She can not cope with not knowing what comes next. She does get lots of free play but to much tv and computer also seems to trigger her moods. I am just stumped, I don't want to over schedule her but I also don't want violent outbursts. Any ideas please!!!

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    Would it be possible to make planning your day part of your routine? For instance have a scheduled morning wake up time, getting dressed and ready for the day, breakfast, then day planning. Have words or pictures of all the possible activities on cards (depending on childs reading ability) and post them in order on a bulletin board or something. That way she can see what her day will be like but its open to change according to weather and things. And if a change needs to be made through the day she can physically change the cards with your help.

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    You don't need to have her constantly scheduled with outside activities, just make sure to have lots of activities ready at home and keep a routine. Don't let her sleep in and stay up late, she'll get completely messed up. Always have an alternative activity ready to keep her off the computer/tv. A little planning the evening before, even if its just a list of options for the next day, will keep you from scrambling for ideas.

    Rather than strict scheduling she might do well with just knowing what comes next. 'After this we're doing that' - not necessarily at a particular time.

    Also, you might want to look into workboxes (there are sites all over the Internet) which is a homeschooling strategy initially developed for kids with ADD. You might not want to do the actual boxes, but the schedule strips could help her visualize her day, and you might find some good planning ideas.

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    I like the suggestions others have made. See how involving your daughter in the planning might go. Start before school ends so she has a picture in mind of the things that she will be doing, keeping in mind her other issues.

    You know your daughter best. Is she a stickler for times? You know - it starts at 10:00 so it must start at 10:00 and not 10:15. Or is she a stickler for order? No, I always have outside playtime (recess) after I do reading. Does her attention wander after only a few minutes or does she need gentle reminders to push on to the next activity?

    A type of homeschooling for the summer might be very effective if she is attached to her schooling schedule. That way she gets to continue learning and she gets to keep to the same sorts of activities.

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