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    Default meeting at school

    So I had a meeting at DD school for her IEP, it went very well. Lots of the same still in place because she is doing so well with them. Plus I signed a form for her to get special devices such as Dragon to use at school, as well I signed a form to get started the paper work for half days in a special education class for grade 4. She may not be accepted until grade 5. I have time to think right up until the last minute whether she will go. I am thinking that I will say yes. Because the school work is getting harder they are going to adjust her homework some. I am so happy I pulled her out of that crappy school she was in before and transferred her to this one. They care so much more about her and her education. I love her teacher, principal and the special ed teacher. I am thrilled with her progress, it is slow and a lot of work she has put in as well as I have. She has a great tutor as well. It is a lot of financial hardship to keep up with the stuff she needs. But I look at it this way get is started early get her the support while she is young and I hopefully will not have a drop out who thinks she is to dumb to do her work. I always believed that if you don't stand up and fight for your child no one else will and then your child may feel like they weren't worth the effort.

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    That's so nice...happy to hear this school is a wonderful support for you and your DD.

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