I'm setting some goals for the kids to work at this coming year.

- for Ds#1 - to teach him to take care of his own laundry. To help him put a bit of step in his work (I promise I won't use dynamite!! ). He is so slow at getting things done. To help him organize a bit better.

- for dd - to help her grow in her designing and art work. To continue working with her reading. To work at her shyness.

- for ds#2 - to finish the potty training. To work more in the signing language so that he can recognize at least 20 words this coming year. Even if we have to make some of the sign words a bit different so they aren't quite so hard for him, I will. (many of the words are so similar he gets confused with them).

How about you, will you set some goals for your kids so they can reach for the top!!