Major medication changes over the past month for dd
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    Default Major medication changes over the past month for dd

    The past year dd, who is autistic, bipolar, and has seizures, has become increasingly aggressive. Over the holidays it got the point where we had to tell her psychiatrist that we could not continue have her live at home if her behavior wasn't under control because she could hurt one of her siblings. Her psychiatrist changed the dose of one of her medications. That didn't do much. Her tantrums continued to be terrible, so dh called the doctor's office when she didn't reply to his email. Turns out she was on vacation until Jan 15th. Her fill-in changed the dose of two of medications. That helped some, but not enough. After a few more days of tantrums over New Year's weekend, dh called again and talked to another substitute doctor. This one prescribed an additional medication which is used to treat anxiety. Dd has been a much different person on this medication. I haven't sent her to school since early December because her tantrums were so bad- biting herself until she bled, banging holes in the wall or breaking windows with her head, pinching and hitting people, etc. She's gone every day since school started except for one and that was because she was sick. Today her teacher sent a happy note that dd had spontaneously greeted her in the hallway. This is unheard of for dd. She has had only one tantrum since she went on this and the one she had was very minor. This has been an answer to prayer.

    Ironically, this new medication is one I specifically asked that they consider prescribing for her over 10 years ago because I though a lot of her tantrums were anxiety-related. That was back when she was seen at an autism clinic by a rotation of residents. We switched from that clinic to her current psychiatrist because we wanted the same person to treat her for more three months in a row.

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    I hope the changes continue to be helpful. Sometimes it's good to get fresh ideas. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise her regular doc was gone. Maybe your daughter can start regularly seeing the doc that prescribed the new meds.

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