Special Needs and Teaching
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    Default Special Needs and Teaching

    First of all let me say that I think each of you who have a special needs child is an angel and I thank God that you are able to do such a fine job of raising them. I am just wondering what techniques you use to teach them. Please don't think I'm nosey. I am asking out of amazement of your abilities. Since CJ posted about Michael's birthday, he has been on my heart so much. I know that every child is a challenge but you special moms are just so amazing. When I ever come upon someone who has a special needs child, I want to be intelligent enough to talk to them and should it be someone who's carrying a baby and has had bad news in the form of a prenatal test, I want to be able to tell them how you guys have succeeded against all odds.

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    I'm not the parent of a special needs child, but I am a former Special Education teacher and was raised with special needs children. The first and most important thing is uncondtional love! You need to love them unconditionally and not focus on all they can't do, but on all they can. In my personal experience, I have gained so much more from all my "special" friends and students than they have ever gained from me. You need to be patient and break things down into little bits and steps. Work on each step at a time building upon the previously mastered one. Rejoice with them in their accomplishments!!!!! And pray for them and their families. It's a tough road at times, but when you see your child, or any child for that matter accomplish something, it's wonderful!!!! Ok, gotta dry my tears here!!!! I just get very emotional over this because I have been so blessed to have so may wonderful and special people in my life that are "special needs". I have learned to enjoy life to the fullest from them and to celebrate each and every victory!!!! I've also been so loved by them!
    I feel the need to share a quick story with you. I go to Montana several times a year to see my parents. There is a Thrift store there run by Flathead Industries for and by special needs adults. Over the years, I have become friends with some of the workers there and they remember me year after year. I am always greeted with hugs and they want to know how my boys are doing if they are not with me. I really look forward to these visits and getting caught up on their lives also. My mother thinks I'm a bit nuts, but oh well!!!

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    Originally posted by hmsclmom
    You need to be patient and break things down into little bits and steps. Work on each step at a time building upon the previously mastered one.
    This is exactly what I do.

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