Do you over compensate for your special kids
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    Question Do you over compensate for your special kids

    Do you? Are there times when you give in quicker than you would with your "normal" kids, whatever normal might be. Do they get away with more because of their disability?

    I've got to admit we do this to some extent. When we go to church or for a drive, our ds (DS) always wants to stop at McDonald's for chips or for that matter anywhere we've stopped for chips. When he begins to scream, we turn around and go back. I know, don't chastise me, were wrong in doing that. BUT you've never been with him in a car screaming for hours on end.

    How about you?

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    DD is on a restricted diet, nothing binding at all. When she was younger, this included white bread. When we would go to family outings, there would be hamburgers, and hot dogs on regular white bread rolls.

    When she was a baby, I would just bring whole wheat bread from home. As she got older, she wanted to eat what the other kids were eating. When we wouldn't allow her, the screaming would begin. So, we sould give in at times, and let her have a special treat on the way home. That special treat was usually Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Though we didn't want to give in, we felt bad for her.

    Now, as she is older, she understands the severity of eating things she shouldn't. She knows that stomach aches, and major constipation will follow. So, she is getting better with it. We'll see what happens once school begins, and she sees what the other kids are eating.

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    yes i also have a screamer and i was just thinking about this last night i do give in even though it isn't right. MY dd who is almost 16 remembers wanting to go to one resturant years ago and we got there but my son wouldn't get out of the car so we had to go where he wanted. it is so much easier sometimes for me to give in than have that fight. I know it isn't right but like you said no one else has to put up with it

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    What is it with McDonald's?
    We were headed to go out to eat just the other night. We passed by McD's and sure enough Zachary saw playland. He yells out WHEEEEEEEE Please please WHEEEEEEEE. Which is what he calls the slides.
    Now who can possibly say no to that? I mean I can't stand the food and honestly after we leave I feel like hosing him down. LOL
    It's just he's so darn happy to go. I'm so proud of how he climbs, slides and explores. It wasn't long ago he wouldn't even go near the playland without flipping out. We must look like the largest cheerleading parents as we are cheering and clapping and saying YOU CAN DO IT GO GO GO as he climbs and plays. LOL
    Oh that screaming, I wish wish wish I could get past it and stick to my guns, but you know what it's like. There is no ignoring it.
    This so what I meant by choosing battles. *sigh*


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