Here are a couple of websites that I already posted but I think this needs a thread all of its own. This was our son's life saver.

I'm not advocating going out and doing this on your own, but speak to your OT therapists about them. It was the most wonderful tool our OT therapist used on our son and it worked a miracle. To this day he still covers up completely with a quilt, some or winter and it has a calming effect on him.

When the OT used a vest on our ds, it had the most weights of any child she had worked with, but I watched as our ds went from a wild, hyper boy, with no direction become calm and was then able to work with her and achieve what she wanted him to do. He would pick up little chairs and throw them before the vest was put on because of his frustration. Once the vest was put on, he became calm. It soon got to the point, when we went in for therapy, he immediately went and put the vest on. We made one for home time also.

Just another tool to help our kids!