Do your children get invited out when you are?
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    Question Do your children get invited out when you are?

    Another tough one for us. Our kids don't get invited with us, so we have pretty much stopped going to friends because of it. Its so sad to have friends and they don't want your kids over.

    Do you have similar problems?

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    yes i understand that. it is hard when they don't want your children there. are these people childless? i am just wondering. i have a friend we went camping with last year and her children are grown so her husband had a very short temper with my child i have another friend who's husband drinks so i don't go there much either with my children (their father was always drinking and he beat them) so needless to say other than to the mail i don't go far from home. sorry i have no ideas for you just wanted to let you know i am here too.

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    Is it because your children are special needs, or because the other people don't have kids? There was only one incident, where we were invited to a birthday party (a child's party), and we were asked not to bring Amanda. She was still on her IV at the time, and the invitees said that they didn't want to be responsible if something happened to her! What would happen to a 6 month old at at birthday party? She would be in her stroller for goodness sake!

    We have friends that are childless, who would like to have outings with just us, no kids. To me, that is understandable. Fo one, they don't know how to be around kids, and secondly, they are usually inviting us to an adult place. They aren't rude about it though, and understand when we have to say no.

    When I was growing up, my mother's best friend, who was like an aunt to us, had a son who has since passed on from MD. There were times that he wasn't invited to parties and such, probebaly because of his wheelchair. It's such a shame how ignorant people are!

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