What form of discipline do you use?
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    Question What form of discipline do you use?

    What type of discipline do you use with your child? Is it different than what you use on your other children? Do you struggle with knowing whether its successful or not, or whether your child even understands.

    We use the 1-2-3 on our ds and dd, but on our son with DS, we struggle with trying to find the right discipline that he even understands. Not taking him for chips is a form of discipline, but everyone suffers then, which doesn't seem fair to the other two. If we put him in time out, he destroys his bedroom, shared with his brother. Then I end up cleaning it up because he doesn't understand. Frustrating.

    What type do you find the most successful.

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    We use timeouts, but not the isolated timeouts. We do more slowdowns and I kneel down in front of him while he sits on the couch and I talk to him about choices and consequence.
    Ex: I want him to stop touching Gabe's computer, but he wants to turn it on. I give warning and say stop, if he persists I then say you can do *insert diversion activity* or sit on the couch. If he continues and/or tantrums, off to the couch he goes. (kicking and screaming) I will kneel in front and either hold him to restrain or corner a bit, so he can't hop off the couch and say I told you that you could do *insert diversion activity* or the couch. Are you ready to do *insert diversion activity* I don't stop until he chooses the diversion over the couch or the thing he wants.
    This can last one minute or 25. We reinforce his "choice" of choosing the diversion activity with praise and a hug.
    The key to my son is diversion and transition. He's incredibly stubborn and hyperfocuses on what he wants. This is what works for us because two things he hates most are sitting on the couch for timeout and/or bedtime. LOL
    We do rewards for good behavior as reinforcement, as well.

    Taking items away would never work for us. He doesn't have much attachment to any item, so would never care if something were missing.
    I will say this, when he tantrums, I'd like to toss him in his room, but know I'd only be making more work for myself because he would literally make the walls come down.
    I have incredible patience and when I feel like it's spread too thin, I walk away. I tagteam Gabe if he's home and if he's not I take huge cleansing breaths and remind myself that he's a 2.5 yr old child and that I am the adult and that he relies on me for guidance. (much easier said than accomplishing at the time, but life is easier than it was or I am growing used to it.)LMAO

    Goodness, I am really gabby today. LMAO

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