Do you feel your always doing therapy with your child?
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    Question Do you feel your always doing therapy with your child?

    Do you feel your always doing therapy with your child and there isn't any time for other things, such as play?

    For a couple of years, I ate, slept, talked therapies. It seemed thats all I did, was take kids for check ups, OT and PT, speech and the works and thats all we ever did at home. I begin to realize that if we didn't slow down and do some fun stuff, that I was going to become resentful and bitter about their disability. So we took time out of each day to forget the therapies and just have some fun. We became more relaxed as a family. During that time, we didn't even talk about therapies and if the kids did something totally against what we were working on, we left it alone. Worked wonders for our family.

    How about you?

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    I try to incorperate therapy into play--it is just as easy to do pt/ot excersices as games. Range of motion while playing ball, hand eye coordination during kitchen activities or craft projects, etc-otherwise everyone gets burnt out too quick.

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