Dh is going to think I'm CRAZY
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    Default Dh is going to think I'm CRAZY

    Tomorrow we bring home the RV. And I'm 90% ready to PACK IT!

    I have most of the food staples ready. Canned goods, dry goods, cleaning supplies, cleaning tools. I'm just about to round up the bedding, towels, etc. Next is getting the 2 girls packed. The eldest 2 aren't coming with us, ds13 is away with cadets this weekend, and dd11 has been invited to a B'day party and they offered to keep her the whole weekend. So just 2 kidlets to prep. Our laundry(adult) is nearly complete, so we'll have our clothing packed this evening. That'll leave only the "fresh" foods. And frozen. I think I'm just going to bring the crock pot and a roast out, it can cook all day Saturday and have little effort while we prep the deck and move the RV's around(we're bringing the old one home to clean up and sell). This will take the better part of the one day, if not into the next day. So I'll have to keep the kidlets out of the way and entertained, so I think a crockpot meal will be easiest for us. So I have very little "fresh" to bring with. Milk and cheese is about it.

    So when he drives in tomorrow, with the unit, it'll take me no time at all to get all our things inside! Deciding on where to put it all is a completely different story. Good thing it arrives during nap time, I'll be able to get in there and clean it, then stock it. He'll think he's married to a crazed woman..lol

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    I don't blame you...I'd be very excited too! He'll probably just be glad that you've already got most of the work done !

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