Anyone been to Timberline Lake Camping Resort in NJ?
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    Default Anyone been to Timberline Lake Camping Resort in NJ?

    Going there this summer for a week. We rented a cabin and can not wait to pack the car and go. Never really "camped" before, so we have to buy our gear before we go.

    Anyone been there before who can tell me about it? Never been there, but a friend recommended it.


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    I live in South Jersey. Actually I live less than an hour from that camp ground. There is alot to do not only at the camp ground but also down the shore. Your not far from there. Long Beach Island (LBI) is a very nice place to go. They have a nice light house on one end of the Island. Just remember if you do go swimming at the beach, it does cost money. All public beaches have a cost to swim at them.
    LBI does not have a boardwalk. Atlantic City is not what it used to be. Not very family friendly (JMHO).

    Also since you will be in the Pine Barrens Bring Tick repellant. It is really bad here and also watch out for Chiggers. Also another bug that is very nasty.
    Hope this has helped alittle. If you need anymore Info just ask. Have Fun.

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    Default so new to forum don't know where to post this

    i am so new to the computers and to this forum that i don't know where to post this
    thank you all you are a great group
    i have not been on or posted because my one son Thomas 2 years ago had 5 stents put into his arteries for heart and then in Nov this year he had a stroke on the 8th and it paralyzed his left side and then 12 days later he suffered another stroke and it got his right side ,,well he was going to rehab therapy and doing pretty good but dr said he was to have carotid artery left side done or he would not live 10 days to 2 weeks so he went on the24th of april to Indiana university medical center indianapolis,in for the surgery and while on table he had another stroke and he has not regained use of voice,has a trach for 1 thing ,can move left arm and rt.arm does open his eyes and will turn his head towards you if you speak to him Tom is very bad right now (he has been in 3NS since they operated) and i ask you all for your prayers and for your indulgence to forgive me for not posting as i am staying pretty close to hospital( its 135 mile one way for me traveling and i have been there for 15 days) and when he's better i will be back for we are a frugal family too
    God Bless you and thank you

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