Before the snow flies....
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    Wink Before the snow flies....

    Hello fellow campers! Just updating what's going on. Well, we put our little pick up camper in the front yard for sale. Just a lot of one truly interested. So, we're putting it back in it's little house for next spring. Better luck next year? Today, we're putting new floor in our new-to-us RV. Hubby had to completely tear out the old, layed new subfloor, insulation and new linoleum. Our SIL got us linoleum from his work free. (yeah) We're saving the dinette set to put back in. My dau will make our curtains free--she's an industrial sewer @ a RV factory. So.. progress is being made!! I bought a folder and putting 2009 vacation ideas in it. Good luck putting your campers asleep for the winter. Happy vacation dreams these upcoming snowy days!!

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    Wow! That's a lot of work y'all are doing there. I'd love to see before and after photos. We're fortunate that we can RV all year 'round here. We just got our new to us RV.

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    A great site that we use is Lots of great information.

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    I tried to sell my RV this past summer with no luck. I put it inside for winter storage, so took it off the market til spring as well. When I get it out in the spring I'm going to get it all spiffed up and then I'm going to use it until it sells. Just taking small, weekend road trips with my dogs. Might as well enjoy it while I have it. It's killing my budget though, I'll be so much better when I can get it sold.

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