First Camping trip of the year!
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    Default First Camping trip of the year!

    The kids and I went out Saturday afternoon for the first camping trip of the year. Dh had gone out earlier to de-winterize the campsite.

    We had one mouse. It was dead in the trap, and there was some cleaning for me to do. Got into my pots and pans....*sigh* but the droppings were minimal, he didn't live in there long.

    DD10 was gone from the moment we got She was SOOO dirty when we got home.

    We had our first campfire too. sat around eating peanuts and visiting with the kids and mIL and FIL. It was nice.

    DD12 and I had to leave Sunday morning to do her bottle drive. Dh stayed with the other 3.

    Only mishap... the septic line is frozen!! So we couldn't drain the holding tanks. Oh well. This week is supposed to be pretty cool, so dh filled the toilet bowl with clean water to seal the fumes down, and we're hoping for the best. We'll be going again next weekend.

    The dogs did really well. Last year, as much as Bella loved being out there, as a puppy, she was pretty whiny if no one played with her when she was outside. This year we have GIzmo.... who makes Bella look like an Angel in the whiny department, but together, the girls are really really good together. We have them tethered together. And the play and wrestle. Bella does bark a fair amount, everytime some once walks into the campsite, but that is good, because some little girls just walked in and picked up Gizmo, if Bella hadn't alerted us, it's possible that she could have walked away! But even MIL and FIL commented on how good the dogs are together.

    I need to make Bella a hoodie for the evenings, her hair is soooo fine, that as soon as the sun is in the west, she's shivering. Gizmo on the other hand, has a TON of fur, it is soooo thick, but unlike Bella, it doesn't knot up, so that's ook. If Bella's was that thick, we'd be in trouble.

    Overall, it was a great first weekend out! Next weekend more relaxing as I have no other commitments. No highway clean up or bottle drive to work

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    You lucky duck!! We're still working on our "priceless" RV....may still be awhile. Let us know how next wkend goes. Enjoy!

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