Countdown to Camping begins!
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    Default Countdown to Camping begins!

    1:30am Saturday (a tongue-in-cheek account)

    Dear Villagers,

    I write this in the event I am eaten by a bear while on my family vacation to the White Mountains of NH.

    As of this writing I have the list of clothes I want to take with me, just waiting for normal hours to go in to the laundry room to get them taken care of and then fold them in to the basket for transport. In the event of my disappearance, check the laundry basket in my cabin, you can tell when I went missing by what clothes are in there. I will be doing laundry on Wednesday at the campground so I don't have to bring 3 complete wardrobes.

    My 'saved from the bin' plastic containers are all drying on the counter. I will bring them with me to store the food while away from home. On the last day I will rinse them off and put them in the campgrounds recycle bin.

    I managed to get all the cabin, hba (except tp) and entertainment (games & books) in an old backpack. Once the sun comes up I will go to the public library to borrow a few dvd's. If I am lost, please return them for me, and haggle the price of late fees.

    Somehow I have to wrestle a large box of misc. food items in to the back of the Yaris. Majority of the food will be purchased at the local grocery store. I packed some snacks for the ride up there (and to hold them over until I can return from destinations unknown), a small container of our coffee creamer (we only like our local non-chain grocery store brand) and a bag of JUMBO marshmallows... the kind you never see when you want to find them, perfect for roasting with the camp forks we are bringing.

    Luckily I will not have to bring a boat with us. The weather will be kind to us. Morning showers on Sunday which hopefully won't touch us as we are to check in at 2pm. We won't have a lightning show until Thursday.

    Farewell my friends! May you all have a wonderful week.

    ~Lady V

    PS... when interrogating the bears, look for the one doubled over from eating too much.

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    Hope you have a wonderful vacation Lady V - looking forward to hearing all about it when you return!! I haven't been to the White Mountains in so many decades - love the air up there. Have fun and watch out for bears!!

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    Hey! Have fun! Sure hope it's only Yogi & BooBoo in the woods!

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    Have fun and stay safe. Enjoy!

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