Hey, come on over...
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    Cool Hey, come on over...

    Ok, you've become friends with people you're camping beside, or going with another camper, or camping with a group... and they say---come over for supper, bring whatever you have--- what is "it" you keep in the camper for those quickie invites? I've been keeping a pkg of cheese & crackers for those "just in case" times. But you go over & it's ..really? when did you have time to fix that?? Just happened to me the last time we camped. Ideas??

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    Put applesauce in the bottom of baking pan, or Dutch oven. Mix up a gingerbread mix & spread over the apple sauce. Bake in oven, or put Dutch oven over your campfire. We did this in Girl Scouts a million years ago.

    Variation is crushed pineapple with yellow box cake ( prepared as box directions).

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    wow, this brings back memories. We used to go camping when I was a kid, and I remember my mom would invite another family for breakfast. Just as easy to make twice as many pancakes!

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