Anyone ever Rent a Motorhome?
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    Default Anyone ever Rent a Motorhome?

    We are planning a vacation to CA and AZ to see family around Thanksgiving. Because there is no place to stay with any of the family that we are going to see, we would have to stay in motels and rent a car. Then we had the idea of renting a motorhome, thinking that it might be cheaper and also give our kids the stability of a "homebase." Has anyone here ever rented a motorhome? While the daily rate for the smallest one doesn't seem bad, I am concerned about the fine print. Some only give you 200 free miles a day and after that you are charged so much per mile. I would appreciate any input that anyone has. Jo

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    I don't know about your area, but here in Northern VA it would be cheaper to rent a car, stay in hotels and eat out. They are very expensive in our area. We considered renting one prior to buying our TT. Do you have a large truck or SUV? Renting a TT is much cheaper. Just a thought.
    In our area, you can buy a small (18 ft.) TT for the price of renting a Motorhome for the month!
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    I was looking into renting one a while back and was also concerned about the per mile charge. I found that some places will "sell" you extra miles up front if you knew you would be needing them. It was cheaper to pre-buy the extra miles in the end for what we were planning.

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