Candymaking Horror Stories
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    Post Candymaking Horror Stories

    I remember my first attempt at making caramel.... I've always been the asbestos fingers type of cook...and I wanted to see if the caramel tasted alright... so I stuck my finger in the simmering mixture.... no one told me they call caramelized sugar "kitchen naplam" !! A huge blister raised up on my finger and I had to do some major burn control!

    One of my other big candymaking disasters was trying to make honeycomb candy... instead of going by the recipe I thought I'd get fancy and flavor it with raspberry syrup.... so I couldn't tell by the color when it was ready... burned that batch up...the smell was unearthly... even the dogs wouldn't touch it.

    Anybody else wanna share candy horror stories?

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    My first attempt at chocolate dipped pretzels was interesting. I didn't buy the wafers and just used chips and had the heat a bit too high and it was smoking a bit and was a bit too thick.

    My second attempt was much better.

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