Staub cast enamel bottom cracking
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    Default Staub cast enamel bottom cracking

    Hi, new to cast enamel and bought my first Staub 10" and 11.5" fry pans.

    After using for about two months now I was cleaning today and the bottom is fracturing from the edges in. Like someone took a saw and cut lines. I assume this is a warranty defect since this is brand new but wanted to know if you have seen this failure.

    Here is how I have cared for the pan. Heat to medium cook or increase heat a little for better searing. Once done cooking I let it sit overnight to cool down then in the morning I rinse out with hot water
    then use dawn soap and a sponge with the green scrubbing side to clean the interior. I use the yellow part to wipe the outside and then rinse.

    Towel dry and store.

    I am on a glass top stove (soon to be gas in about a month, excited) but the bottom is just fracturing.
    The smaller pan I bought a month earlier (exact same pan and color) is fine.

    Did I do something wrong or is this a defect you have seen? See pic

    Thanks in advance.
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    Never heard of it, and I have no experience with enameled iron, but I would contact the manufacturer especially if the warranty is still good.
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