Chocolate Eclair Cake Conversion????
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    Question Chocolate Eclair Cake Conversion????

    Last night, Mel informed me that his brother is coming from Georgia for Friday and maybe Saturday night. I usually fix a dessert when we have company and his brother is a BIG eater and is overweight. I would like to fix something that doesn't blow my healthy eating plan to bits so here's what I'm wondering. Can I convert the regular Chocolate Eclair Cake to a lower fat version? Has anyone done this?

    Here's the recipe and what I plan on doing to change it. Please let me have your thoughts.

    Graham crackers
    Large Vanilla pudding mix
    Cool White
    Chocolate icing

    You mix the pudding according to directions and fold in a medium Cool Whip. Layer the graham crackers in a pan and put this pudding mixture between each. Do as many layers as you have pudding mixture for (depends on the size of your pan). Top with chocolate icing. Put in refrigerator overnight. YUM

    Here's my plan - use low fat/sugar free version for everything. Instead of regular cake icing, I plan on warming it up and making it into more of a glaze than thick icing. Spread a very thin layer or even just drizzle it on instead of spreading.

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    Your plan sounds perfect Pat & yes I've done it. Have a wonderful visit!

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