10 Reasons to Shop on the Internet
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    Thumbs up 10 Reasons to Shop on the Internet

    1) Save money - Because of the reduced costs of doing business on the net,
    many vendors are passing those on to the consumer at their websites offering
    products at a reduced price than retail outlets.

    2) Shop at your convenience - with the net, you can shop anytime you want -
    365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

    3) Buy direct- many manufacturers now have their own websites - and offer a
    complete product line, whereas distribution points like retail stores only
    stock what the buyer wants to handle.

    4) Save energy - Shopping on the net utilizes a renewable man-made resource
    - electricity. Shopping via your car creates auto emissions, eats gas and
    adds to the overcrowding of automobiles on the highway.

    5) Help manufacturers keep cost down - With no store fronts to maintain,
    product costs can be kept to a minimum.

    6) Save time - You?ll save lots of time by logging in and shopping via
    modem. Just getting to a physical mall usually takes 15-30 minutes, by then,
    you could have done your online shopping.

    7) Avoid the crowds - who needs it? After working all day, the last thing
    most of us want is pushy people and crowded stores

    8) Shop many places at once - Utilizing smart search engines will enable you
    to shop many places over the globe quickly and efficiently, for the best

    9) Support this industry - If you believe in this industry and are involved
    in it in any way, supporting those merchants with storefronts online will
    benefit the entire industry. The more you buy, the more they will expand
    their product offerings next season ? giving you hundreds of new reasons to
    shop via the net.

    10) Because its fun - Shopping on the Internet opens the door to many
    exciting possibilities offered from a variety of merchants. In no other
    shopping arena can you browse the globe.

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    Good reasons..... but watch those shipping charges, and if you use a credit card that isn't paid each month it's no deal........

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    Now see, I'm probably the one person who has never bought anything online and I probably never will.

    Many of those are great reasons, but #5 is a total fallacy - in reality. Dh and his dad have worked in apparel manufacturing for a long time and when they went offshore (South America/Central America) to produce goods, they cut the costs by 75%!! Did they pass ANY savings on to the consumer? They raised prices by 5% -bad, but the stores raised them by 25% the next holiday season.

    Don't you hate it when you see things like that? You know the manufacturers should have passed on a savings and so should the store, but they just padded their own wallets!!

    I enjoy the holiday shopping in the stores personally - but we don't buy for anyone other than our three children. Everyone else gets a homemade gift!!

    Didn't mean to be a downer, but I wanted to pass it along.

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