Christmas...only 50 more days!
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    Default Christmas...only 50 more days!

    In another post, I was talking about just getting by. With Christmas fastly approaching, we are cutting back on all presents.

    This is what I am working on:

    I have bought Dakota one item he wanted and hope I can one item for each of the other two. He has asked for a new portable CD player because his no longer works. I found a nice one with an MP3 player. I was able to get it at a good price so I snagged it up and then put it up! Chris wants a new baseball glove. He needs one. His other one he has had for a long time and is worn out. He will be playing high school baseball this year, so I think I will go to Academy Sports and put one on lay-a-way. Richard wants tools. He wants the ones he will need for college next year. He is already earning college credit by taking an Auto Tech class at high school. I will try to find some he can use. DH said he just wants a weekend away, just the two of us. I am trying to work that into our budget somehow. It may not happen, but I will keep trying.

    For the extended family I have kept a year-round gift closet. Good thing because these last few months have been difficult. Noone would have been getting anything, but a card. They have all been purchased and put up throughout the year.

    What are you Christmas gift plans?

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    That's great that your way ahead of things. Not me eeekkkk! I haven't bought one thing yet. I can't believe only less than 50 days. I guess I have to get on the ball and start shopping.....

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