Howto do the Bev effect....
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    Default Howto do the Bev effect....

    Open up your two pictures. And select the freehand selection tool. (lasso tool) Our next step will be to cut out emy.

    Lasso tool in action


    Now we need to copy our selection.

    And we paste it as a new image.

    Voila! We have a third picture that we will touch up a bit to make the image nicer.

    Lets zoom in at 500% select the eraser tool on the toolbar. Make sure your erasing options are the same as mine. (it makes a smoother erasing)

    For the real touchy stuff we can zoom some more. Zoom in 500% more to get closer so we can really do a nice finishing touch.

    Once our erasing is done. Go back to normal viewing.

    Copy the new imaged we just worked on.

    Select the picture that you want the image to show in. And select paste as new selection. allign the picture with the other one.

    Voila! Save your work.

    Here is the result image.

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    I have realised that photodelux is a bit limited but I have this thing called PSP and it scares me half to death every time I look at it LOL.

    Still you are a true wonder of nature Gabe! Thank you again! I'll be asking you silly questions all the time now LOL

    So here's my homework - I might have got a bit carried away with the rubber I was having fun (It's sad really I know LOL - small things please small minds I guess? LOL)

    Thanks so much for taking the time to show me how to do it again.

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    Pretty effect....... Your awesome Gabe !!!!!!!

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