Advice on new digital camera
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    Default Advice on new digital camera

    I had an RCA 6300 2.3 megapixel camera that used the CompactFlash cards. I loved it till it broke and there's no fixing it.

    I'd lik to buy another camera that uses the CF media and not having any luck finding an inexpensive model. The one I liked runs about $900. I have 3 CF cards~an 8, 32 and 64MB.

    Should I go with another media camera and buy new cards or stick with the format I already have?

    Any advice on cameras?

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    We've had 4 (or 5, I've honestly lost count) different digital cameras, and they've all 3 different kinds of memory cards. I have never had any issues, good or bad, with ny one type that stand out more than the other types. I don't really know a lot of technical details, but I have been happy with them all, and they all fit in different slots on my computer and printer.

    And you can always sell those cards on eBay if you buy a different kind of camera.

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