Peanut Butter cookie
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    Default Peanut Butter cookie

    Peanut Butter cookie

    Recipe Description
    easy peanut butter cookies
    Preparation Steps:
    1 cup sugar
    1cup peanut butter
    mixer and bowl spoon
    cookie sheet
    cooking spray
    Level of Difficulty:
    very easy
    Time Needed:Ingredients:
    1cup sugar
    1cup peanut butter
    1 egg
    Mix ingredients well. spray your hands. then roll small
    balls. then press it on a ungreased cookie sheet.
    bake at 350 for 10 minutes or until lightly brown.
    makes approximately 2 dozen.
    just made these and they are good and very quick to make.
    mine took 10 minutes and I made 21.

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    yepper or flourless pb cookie we call it.

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