[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]CVS has marked down some of their Pantene Products; like the brunette expressions, blonde expressions and some of the larger sized shampoo and conditioner.

They are marked down to $3.00 and some odd change...
There is a $3.00 off of 2 coupon in the 11/27 P&G (it expires 12/31)
making these 1.00 and some change a piece. (they were all priced a little different) (this is a good price on the 24 ounce bottles and on the fancier shampoos if you like them or if you are like me and wanted to try them but never wanted to pay that much for them!!)

I was able to grab a few of these for my stock pile. I hope someone else finds this information useful....

Thanks for reading, Have a great day!!