Shifting away from paper coupons
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    Default Shifting away from paper coupons

    Hi everyone, I am an avid coupon queen from WAY back in the 1970's. I have clipped, organized, and saved a ton of money using coupons. Lately though...with the COVID 19 shut down, and ordering nearly all of our groceries for pick up, I have gone to mostly the digital coupons tied to my Dillon's (a Kroger store) card. Expiration dates on the paper coupons have gotten SO short, that we often have only TWO weeks to use them before they expire! It had always been my practice to cut and file my coupons in a binder, and wait for a sale to use them. It seems lately I had been cutting and filing, and then two or three weeks later throwing the majority of them away.

    Even the digital coupons have been scarce during this pandemic. Times they are a changin'.

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    Welcome! Yes, coupons have sure changed a lot in recent years. I rarely see them for food any more, usually beauty/drugstore stuff I don't use.

    Things got so crazy after the stay at home order that for 2 weeks I didn't get grocery ads. I'm sure they had no idea what they could guarantee having in stock.
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    The only coupons we use with regularity are the ones that Kroger mails us on occasion. Those are generally for the specific items that we've bought previously. Otherwise it's just waiting until something goes on sale.

    Of course, right now, we are just paying whatever price things are going for when we need them. We order online and pickup, today is the second purchase since we were asked to stay home over a month ago.

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