This is a really simple art project that I did with my 5 yr old son that looks great and he loved doing it. We also read stories and facts about butterflies to make it a whole day's activity.

1. Fold a piece of construction paper in half and draw half of the butterfly. I didn't make a body, just a wing. I'm sure there's a ton of ways to add a body and maybe we will do that next time.

2. Have your child cut out the outline on the folded half of paper. When they open it up, both sides are identical.

3. We used acrylic craft paint and I let him put dots or globs, lol on one side. When he was done he folded the butterfly back up and we pressed both sides tightly together.

4. Open it up, see your one of a kind design and put it somewhere to dry.

5. Once it was dry we stapled the middle of the butterfly to another piece of construction paper to use as a background.