Pizza and stuffed breads~
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    Default Pizza and stuffed breads~

    Last night I made a beautiful pizza and long braided 'stuffed bread' using very little ingredients-

    2 frozen dough
    1 can pastene pizza sauce (.99 cents and worth every penny as it stays thick when cooked)
    1/2 package turkey burger cooked up w/ 2 shallots, 3 garlic and a ton of red pepper flakes-
    leftover grilled zuchini
    cream cheese
    few slices of turkey pepperoni
    few artichoke hearts

    for the pizza I used 1/2 of the meat & the pepperoni & 3/4s of the sauce-

    for the cheese I used up all of the little odds and ends that were kicking around the fridge-

    for the braided bread I stretched the dough to fit a large baking sheet- dotted the center w/ chunks of cream cheese (1/4 block)- covered w/turkey mixture, leftover zukes, a spoonful or 2 of tapenade (chopped olives would work just fine) and the remnants of a jar of marinated artichoke hearts. I cut dough 'flaps' on either side of the filling and wrapped them, alternating from side to side, over the filling and tucked either end.

    We had dinner and will have enough leftover for lunch today and maybe tomorrow.....

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    I've been wanting to make stuffed broccoli and cheese bread, but haven't been able to find a recipe. I think I'll use this for inspiration. Thanks!

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    yep... I make a "jelly roll" style pizza bread.

    but ANYthing can be used!

    great post!

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