Anyone have a fun recipe for Cran-Orange sauce?
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    Question Anyone have a fun recipe for Cran-Orange sauce?

    OK, I love my local discount grocery store. I usually end up bringing home some sort of strange food that I wouldnt normally buy. Most of the time this ends up with us having a new and exciting dish at the dinner table. Well, my creativity must be on a summer vacation, because I am stumped with what to do with my latest find..... 2 HUGE (3lbs 7 oz each) industrial sized Ocean Spray "cranberry orange sauce" cans. Nobody in the family cares for cranberry sauce by itself, so I was thinking maybe using it as a filling in granola bars or a coffee cake, or have heard about making it into a "mousse" of sorts. Any other fun ideas?

    Thanks, Cin

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    Default I didn't see the cranberry orange sauce on their website. And i'm not familiar with the product. Is it like a jellied cranberry sauce or the whole berry sauce?

    Can it be chopped up or pureed and added into muffins or quick breads? Can it be made into a sauce for turkey, chicken or pork chops?

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