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    Default Ceashells or Greebo.....

    I have a question. Are you guys still following the South Beach diet and if so, what are your favorite, easy to grab or make snacks that falls under the plan? Especially phase 1 snacks. Just looking for some additions to my menu. TIA
    I lost a significant amount of weight eating this way in the past, but got rid of my book...then my mom passed away and sugar became my best friend again. I think the sugar has clogged my brain and I am having trouble remembering what I used to eat.

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    We skipped phase 1.

    We didn't see a need to shock our system or go to extremes. We shifted into a sustainable system from day 1.

    Basically we avoid high glycemic foods - processed carbs, white breads, etc., and eat a lot more veggies and such.

    One of my fav. snacks is either dried apricots or broccoli salad.

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