Healthy cheesecake Idea
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    Default Healthy cheesecake Idea

    So I've been trying to find a greek yogurt I like w/o the "sour cream" taste (just not my preference).
    And I found one: Yoplait Greek (w/the honey is my fave!).

    It reminds me of an old recipe for cheesecake (consistency & a little in flavor) my mother used to make from scratch.

    Now, I know lots of folks make the Jello cheesecake, but a healthier version of that is to use this yogurt.
    I always have extra stuff laying around to make a crust.
    And using the Yoplait Greek +Honey (or even the other flavors of strawberry/blueberry would be good!) works for me & no one knows the difference! Shh!

    You could get the plain & top w/your own toppings, stir in some chocolate/caramel/cinnamon bits, cookie crumbles, nuts, dried fruits (for more holiday cheer!)... it's endless.

    And requires you buy or make a simple crust, dump the yogurt in & set in less time than the Jello takes... hear the doorbell? Get out that tub of yogurt & make a pie! LOL

    Just my observation.

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    What do you add to the yogurt to make it set up?

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