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    Default convection oven

    work has picked up a little so now i can go back to thinking about this.

    i was at a macys special event a few weeks / months ago ( same weekend as irene )

    anyway they had alot of demos going on in kitchen area - when i was there they were doing a toaster / convection oven that bakes broiled etc and would hold a 9x13" pan also ( my ususal size for making cassaroles cakes etc )

    my current toaster oven is 10 years old is large size bit wont hold a 9x13 pan and isnt convection so cant always be used like a regular oven or things dont get cooked properly .

    i am " thinking" since now is the deals time on the one i am looking at of getting the convection oven .
    i am thinking it may same some $ in the log run as when the kids want to make brownies or a cake or a small tray of cookies from premade dough - we wouldnt have the cost to heat entire oven but just the convection oven .

    also thinking in hot weather wouldnt add heat the house if we wanted to bake something .

    do you think there are any money savings there or am i just rationalizing it because it would make things simpler ( which in itself isnt a bad thing - we store several items in oven pans baking items etc so not having to get them out to make a cassarole or brownies would be nice too )

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    Convection ovens cook faster so you don't use it as long as other ovens so energy savings!

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    I have a small convection oven. It's not a comobo toaster/convection oventhough. I love, love my convection oven. I would never be without one again. It does cook things faster...

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    I have this oven
    Hamilton Beach: Countertop Oven with Convection (31199XR)

    I really like it. I love the rotissore
    You can fit a 9x13 brownie pan in it but not a cake pan my pan keeps the door open about 1/2 inch.
    I can fit a 9x9 pan in it. you can fit 2 of them if you put one on each rack. regular 6 muffin tin fits in it.
    You can bake a whole chicken in it if you choose not to rotissore it.
    I debated for 2 years if I really wanted to spend the money on this oven. I am glad that I did. It is great in the summer when you want to turn the oven on and not heat up the house.

    I do not like the way it makes muffins in it. Cookies did not turn out as good as the regular oven. But I have a true convection oven and am really spoiled with it and nothing beats stuff baked in it.

    I use it to broil fish and it works great. I try to use it for almost everything except to bake in. This is just my personal preference. I do make canned biscuits in it.
    Makes great pizza, snacks, casseroles, rottisore chicken. Large enough to put more than a couple slices of toast in it.

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    I have an oven very similar to the one mentioned above. We got it on last year's Black Friday sale and just love it.

    Haven't tried the rotisserie yet.

    Ours WILL fit a 9x13 pan. However, my mom bought the same oven (she loves hers, too) and hers will not fit a 9x13 pan. It looks like the newer ones have a slightly different door. Ours is vertically convex, and the curve of the door allows the pans to stick out a little beyond the rack in the front, and still allows the door to close properly. Maybe our oven was such a killer deal because they wanted to close out the old models, I don't know. Anyway, works for us.

    We bake cookies and pretty much everything in ours.

    We bought ours so we didn't have to heat up our big gas oven when propane prices went nuts. We still have low electric rates.

    Ours is not a toaster oven, although I guess we could bake the bottom of the toast and then move the rack up to broil the top.

    We debated a long time about getting ours, too. We had a toaster oven we really liked, but it wasn't quite big enough, it's ten years old and we had used it a lot, and one of the heating elements was damaged. The price on the new oven was irresistible, so we jumped. It was the only new appliance we bought for our kitchen remodel last winter, so I think we still did pretty well!

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